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A man,   

a camera and          a dream.

Egon Stephan Sr. 1933-2002

Egon Stephan Sr. made his way to South Florida in 1957 at the request of his New York City based employer, Camera Equipment Company, who later became known as F&B Ceco. Business volume was not enough to keep the branch office open, but enamored with the surf and sun of South Florida, Egon decided to stay and develop his career as a cinematographer.


After working as a Cinematographer for 2 years, Egon decided to open his own rental company, which eventually rivaled his former employer in size and prestige and surpassed it in longevity.


Egon Stephan Sr. was initially trained in Germany and New York as a film equipment technician and having worked on early sound recorders and the first three camera Cinerama system, Stephan was more than qualified to pioneer the film equipment and rental business in Miami. Early on, production in Miami had not sufficiently developed to support a full-fledged rental company. So Egon’s early livelihood depended on his work as a cinematographer and camera repair technician.

He became a member of the Los Angeles Cameraman’s union, won several Emmy awards and became known as a specialist in aerial and underwater filming as well as a Second Unit DP on many feature films shot in the South Florida area.


As Egon Stephan’s cinematography career started to take off, so did the rental inventory of CineVideoTech. The company he began with only one camera, a small storefront shop and lots of loyal friends, now boasts a fleet of production vehicles, a huge inventory of film and digital motion picture cameras, motion picture lighting, grip, generators, specialty equipment and a small studio on the property. His recipe for success? Hard work, technical know-how and relentless customer service, still hallmarks of CineVideoTech today.

Egon Stephan Sr. was instrumental to the growth of the Florida Film Industry, helping to form the Florida Motion Picture & TV Association and the first Florida Advisory Council, which spawned the State’s Film Bureau.


The resulting growth of support services, technicians and talent pool all served to lure producers into making Florida the largest production center outside the film capitals of New York and California at that time.


Egon Stephan Sr. passed away in October of 2002. He left behind a legacy of professionalism and dedication that lives on today in the company he founded. Now run by his son, Egon Stephan Jr., a brilliant cinematographer in his own right.

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