CineVideoTech and G-Star form Partnership

New Partnership with CineVideoTech Inc. brings professional film equipment and experience to G-Star Studios and School of the Arts.

Miami, FL –  May 16, 2011 — CineVideoTech Inc., a leading provider of camera and lighting equipment to the motion picture industry in the Southeastern United States since 1968, and G-Star Studios and School of the Arts for Motion Pictures and Broadcasting, the largest Film, TV Production and Acting high school in the nation, have joined forces to bring professional level hands-on training and equipment to the school and studio.


“CineVideoTech, has long been known as a leader in the Florida Film Industry and we welcome their generosity in sharing their talents and their equipment to further the education of our students.” says Greg Hauptner. The partnership involves CineVideoTech offering in-house seminars for students throughout the school year, where students will get hands on training on equipment that runs the gamut from vintage hand-cranked film cameras to today’s latest digital cinema cameras.

Professional workshops that CineVideoTech will provide for film professionals in the field can also be attended by G-Star students. The first in-house seminar will take place May 20, 2011 at 7:30 am at the G-Star Studios. Film professionals will be on hand to demonstrate all manner of film production equipment.


In addition to training, CIneVideoTech will also be providing G-Star schools with custom lighting packages for student productions. As well as packages that G-Star can offer productions that rent their G-Star Studio, the newest and most technologically advanced sound stage in Florida.


“This partnership is about more than just gear and education. It’s just a part of realizing the goal of creating an on-going, self-supporting feature film industry in Florida.” states Egon Stephan Jr., established Director of Photography and President, CEO of CineVideoTech Inc. This has been the dream in Florida for as long as there has been a film industry in Florida, but with innovative partnerships such as this one, the industry moves ever closer to realizing that dream.
The G-STAR School of the Arts for Motion Pictures and Broadcasting is the largest Film, TV Production and Acting high school in the nation. The G-Star School of the Arts is a nationally accredited high school awarded by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS-CASI).  All colleges and universities accept our students. We offer a complete college preparatory education with honors classes, advanced placement classes and dual enrollment with Florida Atlantic University, Palm Beach Community College and Lynn University. The school also trains students in Writing, Directing, Producing, Acting and all aspects of film and TV production in front of the camera and behind the camera.

CineVideoTech Inc. has been providing filmmakers the cutting edge equipment rentals they need and the experience they cannot do without since 1968. They have been the go-to rental house in the State of Florida, racking up an impressive list of motion picture, music video and TV Commercial credits. CineVideoTech offers camera, lighting and grip, generators and production vehicle rental to the motion picture industry. They have been a Tyler helicopter mount agent since 1971 and a Hydroflex underwater camera and lighting systems agent since 1988. They also represent LEDstorm LED Lighting and Big Shot Camera Cranes and Process vehicles.

For more information about G-Star Studios visit their website.

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